Shakeology Review – Why I Drink It

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What is Shakeology?

Shakeology – you’ve probably heard of it, but may not know what exactly it is. Is it a weight loss drink? A protein powder? In a nutshell, Shakeology is nutrient-dense superfood shake. Let me explain more.

The typical American diet leaves a lot to be desired. We are frequently reaching for things that are quick and easy. Those packaged foods or a fast food drive though – all of which have over-processed foods that destroy most nutrients that may have once existed.  We typically are starving ourselves of the nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead we are running on empty calorie junk. Like a car, we need fuel to perform.  But that fuel we need matters.  The empty calorie junk does not get you what you need, you need the nutrient dense foods.   Ths is why Shakeology makes so much sense.  It’s a shake which plays to the on-the-go mentality many of us have today, but it’s also packed with potent nutrition and delicious ingredients that leave you feeling satisfied!  This shake is no gimmick, it has been recently clinically proven to have numerous health benefits.

What can Shakeology do for you?

Key Ingredients & Benefits

whats in shakeology
Top benefits of drinking Shakeology every single day!

My Experience With Shakeology:

When I was first introduced to Shakeology, I was looking for something that would help me lose weight. I contacted my coach and asked her for a sample. I got the sample  and was not impressed. Then I learned about other ways to make them, such as making ‘shakes’ and smoothies with them, versus just mixing with water. Once I tried the Peanut Butter Cup recipe I was hooked! I drank Shakeology occasionally but was not drinking it regularly to see the benefits. I eventually cancelled my montly delivery as I was not able to keep up with my order.

Months passed and I decided I needed to get back on Shakeology. I set up my home direct (monthly autoship) so that I would be encouraged to drink it regularly.   At the same time, I started a new workout program that encouraged daily drinking  called 21 Day Fix. Once I started drinking it daily, if I missed a day, I noticed a big difference. Shakeology gives me an energy boost and curbs my cravings for junk, sweets, and processed food.  Shakeology tastes like pretty darn good compared to that of meal replacements, it’s hard to believe I’m getting a nutrient packed meal with it!

But isn’t it expensive?

I’m asked this all the time. Shakeology is not just a protein powder. It’s meant to be a meal replacement, so it is more than just a simple protein powder.  It’s packed full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  The cost per 30 day supply runs at  just over $4 per serving, which is pretty reasonable given that you’ll be replacing one meal a day with a $4 shake.  By this logic it is impossible to get the benefits that Shakeology provides with a small $4 price tag when compared to a Subway, McDonalds, or any other reasonably priced breakfast or lunch establishment.  You may be saying to yourself right now that you can eat at home for far less, but again can you get the same nutritional benefit at that price point.

Bottom of the Bag Guarantee

What is the Beachbody “Bottom of the Bag” Money-Back Guarantee for Shakeology?

30 Day Money Back GuaranteedShakeology is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The guarantee period starts on the date of delivery. You may return Shakeology packages that have been opened and used, even if the bag is totally empty.

Want to try Shakeology?

There are a few different ways to try Shakeology to determine if it’s right for you ?

  1. Purchase the 4 pack taste sampler here
  2. Contact me for a Free single-serving sample
  3. Want to learn how to get and additional 25% off today?  Contact me

Lose weight in one week!

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Let’s start off with a simple fact:  There is no magic pill  to weight loss or to looking great and being fit, but I’m about to share  some tips that are almost as good and will help you lose pounds and inches in one week! These are the secrets to Losing weight in one week!

For more help on achieving your weight loss and fitness goals contact me to join our FREE challenge group to receive personal one-on-one coaching, support and motivation.  It’s your life, Make it count!

Over my journey to maintaining a better healthier lifestyle, I learned a few valuable lessons that I’ll share with you.  These lessons have changed my life and by sticking to them, they may change yours.

Clean Eating:

“The focus of eating foods without preservatives and artificial sweeteners”

At first eating clean sounds complicated and expensive but the idea is simple.  It’s close to impossible to buy 100% clean foods, but just do the best you can.  A great rule of thumb is try to do the majority of your shopping on the  outside perimeter of the grocery store.  Most of the time the items in the isles are filled with all sorts of artificial sweeteners and are highly processed.  When you do have to visit the isles, take the extra minute to make good selections, you will thank yourself later.

Eat more frequently:

While this sounds a bit counterproductive the idea is simple.  Eat at least 5 -6 small meals per day.  Your meals should be well balanced and spaced evenly, which lends itself to you eating about every 2-3 hours daily.  When you incorporate this into your daily dietary regimen, your TEF increases, which in turn,  results in an increased metabolism, reduced hunger, more energy and essentially converts to weight loss.

Don’t confuse eating more frequently with eating more though, your meals need to be smaller. You are basically eat the same amount you did before but spreading it out across the day.

Snacks tie you over between meals.  Snacks for me are best managed with items I can ‘grab and go’ with.  Think apples, bananas, nuts, peaches, grapes, carrots, a cup of low fat yogurt ( I love Chobani ), etc.

As you start to take on this approach you will notice changes in your body.  You will notice you need to eat at regular intervals or you get really hungry. You will notice a feeling of burning more calories as the day progresses, you will notice inches coming off your waistline and you will notice weight loss.

Portion Control:

Wikipedia defines portion control as

“The understanding how much a serving size of food is and how many calories or how much food energy a serving contains”

by understanding and applying the proper portions to each meal you wont over eat.  That’s right even by eating your fruits and vegetables you can have to much of a good thing.  There are a number of online calculators you can use to help you with determining the proper amount of cabs, protein, fiber, calories etc you should be receiving.  It’s often difficult to understand how big that piece of chicken should be, or how many carrots make up  serving or how a large apple fits into my portions.  Beachbody has put together a program to help with just that, it’s called the 21 Day Fix. Checkout my 21 Day Fix Review to hear about my experience with the program where I lost 12 lbs and 18 inches in 21 days!


Weight training and regular exercise are just as important to incorporate int your daily routine as clean eating, portion control, and keeping hydrated .  Regular exercise has shown to have a number of health advantages, but let’s just focus on burning excess calories.  When you exercise you exert some amount of energy. This energy comes from the fuel you put in your body ( we gotta have good fuel ), or the stored fuel, also known as fat, that we carry around.  So by carefully crafting a diet plan so we don’t consume too many calories, and adding regular 30 minute workouts into our day, we are able to call on those fat cells to keep us going, in turn helping us lose weight.

For more help on achieving your weight loss and fitness goals contact me to join our FREE support and challenge group to receive personal coaching and motivation.  It’s your life, Make it count!


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Beachbody PiYo – Release Details

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What is PiYo?

With PiYo, you can carve an intensely defined physique without jumps, weights, or straining your joints. Chalene Johnson’s innovative program is sure to bring you the results you want.

  • PiYo is a low-impact, high-intensity body-transformation program that uses the most effective Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves to sculpt long, lean muscles and burn fat
  • Chalene Johnson uses fluid movements throughout the program, keeping you in constant motion to give you a dynamic cardio workout that typical Pilates or yoga workouts lack.
  • The program is designed to be low-impact compared to that of T25 and Insanity, therefore reducing the strain on your joints.
  • Although its high-intensity so you get the fat-burning results of a more extreme program.
  • The program is designed to give you a defined, long, lean physique.

Who is PiYo for ?

PiYo was designed for men and women who have the following goals in mind:

  • Want to lose weight and burn fat without the high impact jumping and complex movements found in other cardio programs.
  • Individuals who want to build lean muscle but are looking to avoid heavy weights.
  • Individuals who don’t have time or money to attend multiple classes in both Pilates and Yoga yet really enjoy the workout of both.
  • PiYo is for people seeking a workout that doesn’t require a lot of equipment and easy to do at home.

What makes PiYo Unique ?

You get the benefit of Pilates, Yoga, and a cardio workout all in one!

PiYo is an authentic, incredibly effective body-transformation program that combines Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves, all set to a faster pace, so you get your strength,  flexibility, and cardio all in each workout. PiYo delivers the long, lean muscles and flat,  toned abs of Pilates, a firm butt and strong arms like you’d get from yoga, and the  weight-loss benefits of fat-burning cardio. The workouts take just 25–45 minutes each!

The program is ideal for any age, body type or fitness level.  Beginners can follow the modifications demonstrated in the videos and even the super fit athletes could always use a great core workout while improving flexibility.

 How do I Buy it ?

challenge-pack-bannerPiYo Challenge Pack FREE 30-Day Trial Membership in the Team Beachbody Club, includes everything in the essential plus 1 month supply of Shakeology. Great Value! **Includes Free Coaching from Me**red-buy-now-button
piyo-base-bannerPiYo DVD Base Package Want to carve an intensely defined physique—without weights, without jumps, and without straining your joints? Then you'll love PiYo, created by superstar trainer Chalene Johnson. It's low impact, yet high intensity. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results. **Includes Free Coaching from Me** $59.85red-buy-now-button

21 Day Fix Review

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My 21 Day Fix Review From Beachbody

One of the most popular Beachbody programs has quickly become the 21 Day Fix program. On more than one occasion since being released in February (which sold out within 3 days), the program has been put on back-order due to the overwhelming demand by customers! I was lucky enough to get my order in the day it was released and was in one of the first challenge groups hosted by a 21 Day Fix expert. She is currently featured on the infomercial for the program as well, so I knew I was in good hands!
21 Day Fix Banner

Why I purchased:

When the program was first presented to me, I got so excited. The program caught my attention because while I love working out, and don’t usually have a problem with that part, I needed help in the kitchen. While I don’t think I necessarily ate horrible, my portions were out of control (yes, you can eat TOO much of fruit or anything else that is considered healthy).  While other programs come with meal guides and plans, I felt like this one focused more on the meal plan than the workout (although they are both important!). “Abs are made in the Kitchen” a famous quote from Autumn Calabrese herself in the workout video. So this was what I needed. My hopes were that this program would teach me more about the food I was eating and portion control.

What’s Included:

When that famous Beachbody box arrived on my doorstep, I couldn’t contain myself! I ripped it open and started thumbing through the book. Then I looked at the containers and thought ‘Oh my god, I’m going to be starving! These containers are soooo small!” Even Chris commented on how small they were! But I didn’t let this derail me and I kept reading.
21 Day Fix Containers

    • The 21 Day Fix nutrition Guide: an 84 page guide to understanding the program and what’s allowed and not allowed, how to calculate your calorie bracket and how many containers you’ll be eating. The simple step by step process eliminates the need to count calories! It even includes recipes, snack and treat options (yes – wine & cookies are allowed!)

Here’s a breakdown of the color codes and food groups

Green – Vegetables
Purple – Fruits
Red – Protein
Yellow – Carbohydrates
Blue – Healthy Fats
Orange – Seeds / Dressings
Teaspoons – Oils & Nut Butters
Shakeology Bottle – For water & Shakeology

    • Workout DVDs: 6 workouts plus a Bonus Plyo workout are included with the Essential (or Base) Package. The Ultimate Package includes all this plus: Flat Ab Fix & Barre Legs.

Program Review:

The information can be somewhat overwhelming at first. I had to change my ways of thinking about food and start color coding things. I carried my book with me for a good week so that I could quickly reference it. After about a week of following the plan, I felt like I had a good grasp on how things worked.

Remember those small containers? Turns out when you start putting food in them, you quickly realize they aren’t as small as you had imagined! They are actually quite large and filling! I was in the lowest calorie bracket and most days I was not hungry at all. There would be an occasional day where I seemed hungrier, but I just snacked on an extra veggie (Autumn’s suggestion if you are still hungry). I understood how I could swap out a yellow for wine if I wanted it on a specific night, I could go out to eat and eat a burrito and have that counted in my daily containers without messing everything up. Once you wrap your ahead around it and start following the program for about a week, it becomes natural. I began thinking about food in colors and food groups versus calorie, fat, and carbohydrate content!

What is allowed: clean whole foods (fruits, veggies, lean proteins), hummus, cheese, wine, treats like trail mix, delicious homemade  dressings, sweet potatoes, waffles, bagels…..the list is quite extensive!

What isn’t allowed: Highly processed foods, artificial sugars (yes – I gave up my beloved splenda & diet sodas!), Quest Bars or other ‘healthy’ bars.

Water is also essential during the program. The program recommends at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water…EACH DAY! I’ve always struggled with water intake, so this was a difficult area for me. But I managed to get them in by setting smaller goals throughout the day – like finishing my 20 oz bottle every 2 hours. This was much more manageable for me!

21 Day Fix Workouts

The first day, Total Body Cardio, I was not impressed. I was used to high intensity & fast paced cardio (like Insanity & T25). This was a little different to me. I expected that in a 30 minute video, it would be all out for 30 minutes and no resting.  But the videos are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) so there is a minute of hard work followed by a short (15-30 second) break. The next day I woke up sore and felt like I worked every muscle in my body. I quickly realized, I didn’t need to go all out and be dying for 30 minutes. Clearly these workouts were designed to be the most effective 30 minutes of your day.  And you can always push yourself harder by increasing the weights or tweaking slightly (as demonstrated in the videos) or you can take it down a notch and follow the modifier – who uses lighter weights or modifies the moves to be lower impact, which is great for those new to working out.

Working out 7 days a week was also new to me. I was usually doing 5 to 6 per week. So it was a little intimidating at first. But there are built in ‘active rest’ days that include Pilates (LOVE!) and Yoga. I had never done a lot of Pilates before this program, but it quickly became one of my favorites. 7 workouts a week is completely doable and has become the norm for me!

The Bonus Video – Plyo! I didn’t attempt this workout during my first round. I was in between challenges and decided I would give it a try. WHOA! That Insanity like pace and tuck jumps, burpees, etc all included here! You do each move as much as you can for 30 seconds and then recover for 30 seconds. It’s a fat blasting cardio workout like no other!

 My Results

The program name, 21 Day Fix, is based on the notion it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. Working out and eating clean for 21 days, definitely changes your mindset and forms new habits!

My daily allotment of containers left me satisfied. I wasn’t craving processed foods like chips and cookies, and I wasn’t coveting my diet soda. I completed the program using Shakeology, which helps to reduce cravings for sugars and other unhealthy foods.

After 21 Days, I was down 6 lbs and 8.5 inches! I had never been one to take measurements and based progress on the number flashing on the scale. But this program is about inches and pounds. You are building lean muscle mass, which may not always result in a huge loss on the scale, but can be reflected by your measurements.

To date, I’ve completed several rounds of the 21 Day Fix and have lost over 16 lbs and 18 inches! I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes and am wearing clothes I had packed away and only been dreaming I could wear again one day.

I keep myself accountable by running challenge groups and helping others through the program. Each round I learn more from my challengers and new ways to combine food for healthy, clean, and Fix-approved recipes the whole family will love! The motivation and encouragement from these challenge groups make it easy. You have people who are on the same journey you are, and they are there to guide & support you when you need it the most.

“The 21 Day Fix is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change that is effective!”

All you have to do is use the specially designed portion-control containers and do one 30-minute workout per day. Commit to it for 21 days, and you are going to love your results!

Get FREE Online Support

Get started today by selecting one of the package offers below!  To get some great tasting and AMAZING Fix approved recipes contact me.

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack FREE 30-Day Trial Membership in the Team Beachbody Club, includes everything in the essential plus 1 month supply of Shakeology. Great Value! **Includes Free Coaching from Me** $160.00 red-buy-now-button
21 Day Fix Essentals Get started Lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days! With 21 Day Fix, perfect for getting started! **Includes Free Coaching from Me** $59.85red-buy-now-button